Help Grow

Work part-time to grow tech companies, alongside a community of likeminded marketers.

What would you be doing?

Founding Team Member

Work directly with founders as the 1st growth hire. Synthesize their thoughts, hypotheses, and go-to-market.

Run Experiments

Delve into familiar and unfamiliar channels based on a strong understanding of the customer.

Build a Team

Tap into vetted resources for content writing, website scraping, campaign launches, and design.

why work with divisional?

Our goal is to provide the best working experience for both startups and Heads of Growth.

Don’t Operate on an Island

Join a community of other Heads of Growth working on Divisional projects, bouncing ideas and finding support.

Skip the Legwork

We vet opportunities for you and provide 2-3 to choose from. If nothing fits, we’ll go out and find it!

De-Risk Career Moves

Make a full-time jump to the startup when you’re ready, getting comped along the way.

How Does an Engagement Work?

Meet With Us

Start by meeting with our team and learning about Divisional. We’ll dig into your background and how you tackle growth, making sure we’re a good fit.

Get Opportunities

In the following weeks, we’ll share 2-3 opportunities with high-growth startups that fit your profile. Choose which you’re interested in to get an intro.

Talk to Founders

Meet the founders that you would be working with. Understand their business and gauge your fit, while sharing how you’d approach their growth.

Ramp Up

Start a 3-week, paid engagement where you work part-time to learn the business, talk with the founders, and establish a growth strategy.

Build Your Team

Outline the resources you need to accomplish your growth strategy, and Divisional will provide them. Start a 3-6 month engagement to roll it out!

Meet With Us

Get Opportunities

Talk to Founders

Ramp Up

Build Your Team

Meet Our Heads of Growth.

Daniel Jelinek

E-Commerce SaaS

Built out the 1st outbound engine for an E-Comm SaaS company, acquiring their 3 biggest customers to-date.

Gagan Gill

10+ Years Experience

Created growth function for Healthcare SaaS startup, generating 15 qualified leads in the 1st month.

Mythri Murthy


Coordinated NFT game go-to-market, content plan, and documentation within a month of starting work.


How much does Divisional pay?

You set your own rate, depending on the role. We aim to match market rate for a Head of Growth position, but note that higher rates means it’ll be harder to find you opportunities.

Is this competitive with my day job?

No, we will only show you Divisional opportunities that are non-competitive with your full-time job. If you see any possibility of conflict of interest, we will find another opportunity.

How much time do I need to give?

While this is a part-time job, you are working directly with founders and are responsible for their growth. Typically, this means 10-20 hours a week of work and being highly communicative.