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What Makes a Good Growth Hire?

Build from scratch

Has experience as the 1st growth hire at a startup, setting up infrastructure while also working directly with founders.

Product marketing chops

Synthesizes the thoughts of founders and helps them figure out audience, pain points, and messaging.

Matches your culture

Fits in with your team and how you work, including your POV on business goals and how to get there.

What does a Growth hire do?

‘Growth’ means a lot of things at an early stage startup, but here’s what you should expect.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Goes deep with founders to understand the business, industry, and customers. Uses this to build a growth strategy.

Resource Planning

Ensures that you have the right talent to execute on the GTM strategy. This may include Growth Marketing Managers, designers, BDRs, etc.

Vision Mapping

Prioritize campaigns based on your goals for the year, working against the product roadmap and investor targets.

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What could my growth team look like?

No startup needs the same resources - that’s why our Heads of Growth request a variety of talent to bring their plans to fruition. Here are some examples:

Head of Growth

The lead for your team, creating strategy and managing execution.

Growth Marketing Manager

Execution help for the Head of Growth, launching campaigns and taking initiative with the strategy.

Sales Development Rep

Responds to engaged prospects, including handling objections and booking meetings for founders.

Marketing Assistant

Handles any manual work for the growth team, including list scraping and pulling data.

Content Marketer

Takes topics from the growth strategy and builds content across SEO, sales enablement, and documentation.


Owns all things design, inclusive of ad creative, landing pages, and any new assets that the growth team creates.


Tackles any tracking / analytics problems that arise across your site and product, i.e. using Segment.

Don’t believe us? Here’s the proof.

hires their Head of Marketing

Post YC S20, Paragon needed to turn momentum into growth. Divisional helped them find product-market-fit in 4-5 months and hired their full-time Head of Growth (Brian) from our team.

makes their 1st growth hire

Patrick (CEO) went from managing an agency and several contractors, to relying on his new Head of Growth (Riley) from Divisional to lead growth strategy. In 3 months, LiveControl raised a $30M Series A and hired Riley full-time as their 1st marketing hire.

Ramps up content production

Experienced founder Dan was looking to scale content marketing at NurseTech start-up Moxie but couldn’t justify the cost of an in-house content specialist. Instead of engaging an agency, Divisional introduced him to a Head of Content (Myles), who crafted a unique strategy and scaled up content production within 3 months.


How does pricing work?

Our marketers set their own rates and we bill based on the hours they commit for a monthly retainer. The more hours they commit, the better rates you'll get. The average engagement is between $4,000 USD and $6,000 USD per month.

How do you source & vet your marketers?

We reach out to marketers using a variety of methods (email, LinkedIn, etc.), with a strong emphasis on referrals. All of our marketers go through a series of interviews, including deep dives into each of their past roles.

Can they make an impact in 10-15 hours per week?

Our marketers hone skills they already have - this isn't a learning experience. Their experience with your business model & industry means they are notoriously efficient. We also add resources (designer, writer, etc.) as needed, so marketers aren't spending time on lower value tasks.