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From in-house, to agency, to freelancing — we’ve done it all, and we know what works for early stage companies.

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Why Divisional?

Divisional is the brainchild of Trevor Sookraj, a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur. Having worked as an in-house marketer and freelancer, he understood that growth challenges are best addressed by someone familiar with the business model and target audience.

Trevor built Divisional to help startups address their marketing needs by connecting them with marketers who aren't freelancing full-time or looking to switch jobs, but are a 10/10 fit for the startups' business model and tactical requirements.

Vs. Agencies

Agencies have Account Managers who oversee several clients and follow the same playbook. Our marketers currently work in-house at startups, and approach this work the same way they would their full-time job.

Vs. Freelancers

Serial freelancers typically juggle a couple of clients and stick to their scope. For our marketers, this is typically the ONLY engagement outside of their day job, so you’re getting the most attention and creativity.

Vs. Full-Time Hires

You can rarely find a full-time hire who checks all the boxes. Our marketers can augment your in-house marketer(s), or be the first to tackle growth until you’re ready for a full-time hire.

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who have you worked with?

Divisional has worked with 50+ startups, ranging from Founders with a Pre-Seed round to Series A companies that have the marketing foundation but need to scale. Here are just a couple examples of our work:

Rehan Mirza -Head of Growth - Verifiable

Rehan Mirza

Head of Growth at Verifiable

“Every growth problem I’ve needed to solve, Divisional has been there. Jin turned SEM into a key inbound channel for us, and their Rev Ops leader (Xinbo) got HubSpot ready for our upcoming fundraise.”

Matt Anjier

Director, Growth

“We’ve turned to Divisional for every growth need since starting the business. Naser tested channels and acquired leads from day one. Their fractional model has continued to impress as we expand to social media and SEO.”

Gabriel Bayomi


“Divisional got our outbound system in place, set up proper messaging, and deployed a fractional SDR to stay on top of my inbox. In 3-4 months, we were seeing 30-35 qualified Enterprise demos from our target list.”

Dan Friedman


“I’ve worked with both a Head of Content (Myles) and Head of Growth (Dante) from Divisional’s team, and have been thrilled with their professionalism. I get the intentionality of a full-time hire without needing to commit to the cost”.


How does pricing work?

Our marketers set their own rates and we bill based on the hours they track towards your project. The more hours they commit, the better rates you'll get. Rates can range from $60-95hr USD, with some resources (i.e. SDR) being cheaper.

How do you source & vet your marketers?

We reach out to marketers using a variety of methods (email, LinkedIn, etc.), with a strong emphasis on referrals. All of our marketers go through a series of interviews, including deep dives into each of their past roles.

Can they make an impact in 10-15 hours per week?

Our marketers hone skills they already have - this isn't a learning experience. Their experience with your business model & industry means they are notoriously efficient. We also add resources (designer, writer, etc.) as needed, so marketers aren't spending time on lower value tasks.