Sep 26

A conversation with a Head of Growth at Divisional: Eva Tang

Trevor Sookraj

What does it mean to work as a Head of Growth (HoG) with Divisional? We sat down with Eva Tang, one of our HoGs, to understand the role, its benefits, and what it takes to be successful. 

Eva currently leads marketing at Practice, an all-in-one business backend for solopreneurs. Previous to Practice, Eva has grown companies from $0 ARR through to $40M in ARR. She is a longtime practitioner of the Jobs-to-be-done marketing framework, a former SaaS product manager, and a really scrappy growth marketer. 

Eva joined Divisional after a LinkedIn message from Penny, Divisional’s People and Talent Manager. She receives many LinkedIn messages and often declines any offers to chat about new roles—but in this case, she was interested because she saw that Divisional would give her the opportunity to advise and work with a company that she believed in.

“I need to care and be excited about the company that I’m trying to help. It’s gotta be a problem I see very clearly and also a solution that I want to see out in the world.” 

Penny and Trevor were able to connect Eva with her first project: Bolder Money, a company focused on financial coaching for women. Having many friends that could benefit from such a program, Eva recognized the value this company could bring to the world, and was excited to help them grow. 

In her experience with Divisional, Eva has been able to bring a lot of what she learns into other areas of her life. Working as a fractional HoG benefits her by providing fresh ideas as well as a community to lean on. Specifically, Eva is able to take what she learns at Divisional and apply it to her full-time job.

“One of the most valuable things it’s given me…is the ability to see a lot of these problems with fresh eyes, and then look at my own work in my day-to-day with those same questions.” 

She also reflects on what it’s like to lead growth or marketing; how it’s not uncommon to find there’s no one in your network with the same experience to turn to for advice. Divisional gives marketers a community of like-minded people with similar experience, and that leads to new ideas and perspectives, as well as opportunities to collaborate. 

“The way I see working fractionally and why it’s great is that it captures the part that I really like, and I can just do that part.”

With Divisional, Eva also gets the chance to do what she actually likes to do: advise companies on growth, rather than executional work. While a full-time position might require both, Eva loves that her fractional work with Divisional gives her the opportunity to work in the parts of the industry that she really loves. 

She also testifies to how fractional work has greatly strengthened her communication skills. 

“The ability to simplify and communicate in a way that anyone can understand is a sign of mastery.”

Having to break down her ideas and thinking to people who are not experts in the field has helped her improve how she communicates. In fact, Eva believes that 90% of being a successful HoG is being able to communicate the value of growth clearly to a team who has been working with the product for a long period of time, so that they can understand and agree with your methods.

Overall, Eva’s experience with Divisional has brought many opportunities to develop her skills and work with businesses that she is passionate about. Watch the full interview with Eva in the video below.

If fractional marketing is something you find interesting, Divisional may be the place for you. Get in touch with us today!

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