Meet Your Growth Team.


Trevor Sookraj

Trevor has led omni-channel growth for over 30 venture-backed startups. Prior to Divisional, he ran self-serve growth at Clearbit and was an early sales rep at Shopify Plus. He is an avid alpine skier and football fan #COYS.

Head of Operations

Julie Nguyen

Prior to working in operations, Julie has spearheaded content and social media marketing with companies like MarketerHire and venture studio Atomic VC. On top of a passion for marketing, Julie enjoys scuba diving, camping, and cooking.

Growth Project Manager

Liv Nicholl

With nearly a decade of experience developing brands, Olivia has a knack for communicating and building authentic relationships that lead to powerful outcomes. Outside of work you may find her in a canoe out in the backcountry, or in the studio recording music or a podcast.

Growth Manager

Pranab Sachi

Pranab enjoys growing companies in a variety of industries. He's especially versed in paid search, referral programs, and marketing operations. Outside of work he enjoys meditating and learning Chinese.

Growth Manager

Brian Yam

Brian is a growth manager with a passion for finding a balance between strategy, data insights and creativity to drive measurable business results. When he's not working, you'll find him cooking, break dancing, or learning videography.

Growth Manager

Jessica Barber

Jessica has a passion for diving into data and a knack for copywriting and storytelling. In her down time she enjoys researching housing markets, and envisioning remodels while dreaming of US purchase prices.

Growth Marnager

Saurabh Wahegaonkar

Saurabh is a growth marketer with over 5 years of experience working in different industries. He has a penchant for helping startups achieve their potential by unlocking the power of data driven marketing. In his down time, you can find him playing soccer or call of duty.

Growth Manager

Ryan Holbrook

Ryan has over 12 years experience managing digital growth strategies for a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 500 to startup. Outside of work Ryan stays busy with handful of hobbies, philanthropy, and following the Boston Celtics.

Growth Marketer

Vivian Li

Vivian is an enthusiastic growth marketer looking to help clients grow their business. In her free time, you can often find her either baking, painting or binge watching the latest detective/crime drama series.

Growth Marketer

Jenevieve Ayuste

Jenevieve is a content marketer with 3+ years of experience in higher education, fintech, insurtech, and foodtech. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Business from the University of Waterloo.

Growth Marketer

Fawad Ahmed

Fawad is a growth marketer with a passion for experimenting with emerging technologies. In his spare time, he’s deeply passionate about personal finance and education, while helping lead two non-profits.

Growth Marketer

Gary Dhother

Gary is a growth marketer that thrives in a culture of experimentation. Gary is passionate about helping clients achieve data-driven revenue maximization. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, meditating and watching his beloved Toronto Raptors.

Growth Consultant

Bennett Fitzgibbon

Bennet has held multiple senior management roles at B2B SaaS companies, focused on driving demand and creating pipeline. Former Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Microdea and Director of Marketing at Turnstyle (acquired by Yelp in 2017).

Digital Designer

Rafay Iqbal

Rafay is a creative that loves to solve design related issues, particularly with early stage start-ups.

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